In 2016, the 235th Anniversary Observance of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse will be celebrated on Saturday and Sunday, March 12-13. As schedules and details of the week-end are confirmed, they will be posted on this site. Participation and registration information for reenactors may be found at http://www.battleofguilfordcourthouse.org

You may also check with the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park at 336-288-1776 or the Greensboro Country Park at 336- 373-3648.

In addition to the 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Veteran’s Day celebration “History of the American Soldier ” timeline representing periods of U.S. military history from the 1600’s until the present, Dr. Scott Culclasure will be signing his newest book from 2:00 to 4:00 pm in the park’s Visitor Center.

Dr. Culclasure’s book Guide to the MONUMENTS Guilford Courthouse National Military Park has just been published by the Guilford Battleground Company and is available for purchase in the Eastern National bookstore located in the Visitor Center. The book provides the historical context of the monument’s placement in the park, a description and photograph of each monument, and a map of the park indicating the locations of the monuments.


On Saturday, November 14, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Veterans' Day 1Guilford Courthouse National Military Park will present “History of the American Soldier” an educational program in honor of Veterans’ Day.

The “History of the American Soldier” involves a timeline representing periods of U.S. military history from the 1600’s until the present. Each period will feature a soldier or group of soldiers, portrayed by park volunteers, uniformed, equipped and armed according to the period they represent. The public is invited to tour the timeline and to speak with these soldiers to ask questions and to see and compare the changes from one historical period to another.

This outdoor program, located at Stop 8 near the General Nathanael Greene Monument, is sponsored by the National Park Service and Guilford Courthouse National Military Park with the assistance of its dedicated Volunteers In Parks. This program is free to the public and is dependent on favorable weather conditions.

For more information call the Park. (336) 288-1776

The Guilford Battleground Company has just published Guide to the MONUMENTS Guilford Courthouse National Military Park written by Dr Scott Culclasure. The guide organizes descriptions of the monuments into sections that correspond to the three American defensive lines around which the battle was fought. Each section begins with a brief explanation of the fighting in that area. Photographs of each monument illustrate the book and a map by Dave Wasserboehr provides the location of each monument in the park.

Guide to the MONUMENTS GUILFORD COURTHOUSE NMP“Fought at a backcountry village on March 15, 1781, the Battle of Guilford Court House was one of the most intense engagements of the American Revolutionary War and proved decisive in the high-stakes Southern Campaign of 17801. After winning a dubious victory, British general Lord Cornwallis abandoned North Carolina and moved his forces into Virginia—with ruinous consequences seven months later at Yorktown—leaving American commander Nathanael Greene free to embark on a successful campaign to liberate the Carolinas. For years afterward, the battlefield’s woods and fields lay neglected, until Judge David Schenck organized the Guilford Battle Ground Company in 1887 to purchase land for preservation. Those early years witnessed the building of the park’s first museum and the placing of monuments on the battlefield. The property was deeded to the federal government in 1917 in recognition of its national significance. Since 1933, the National Park Service has worked to preserve both the battlefield and the knowledge represented by the park’s monuments. This book is a guide to the park’s monuments and memorials, describing their background and how they fit into the larger story of the battlefield’s preservation.”
Scott P. Culclasure teaches at the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina. Among his publications are The Past as Liberation from History  and a work of Southern history he co-edited, The Confessions of Edward Isham: A Poor White Life of the Antebellum South. Since his own school days, Scott has also volunteered at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, where on many summer afternoons he can be found leading guided walks across this Revolutionary War battlefield.

The book is available in the Eastern National bookstore located in the park Visitor Center and the Gift Shop of the Greensboro Historical Museum. Dr. Culclasure will be signing this book at the Visitor Center from 2:00 pm-4:00pm on Saturday, November 14.              ISBN 978-0-692-50033-0

Greene's Birthday 2015Come out to the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park and honor the General as we celebrate his 273rd birthday.

GREENSBORO, NC – Today, Guilford Courthouse National Military Park and Guilford Battleground Company announced they were the joint recipients of a 2015 National Park Service Centennial Challenge Grant. These Centennial Challenge Grants are part of a multi-year effort to prepare for the National Park Service Centennial in 2016. The NPS Centennial Grant Program includes $26 million for restoration projects at national parks around the country, including $16 million from non-governmental partners. In the National Park Service’s Southeast Region, this grant program will fund 25 separate projects totaling over $3 million dollars. The Guilford Courthouse project will involve updating the museum exhibits at the Colonial Heritage Center to make them interactive and more relevant to park visitors.

The Colonial Heritage Center

The Colonial Heritage Center

“The Centennial Challenge Program is a great way to leverage federal dollars,” said Guilford Courthouse NMP Superintendent Doyle Sapp. “We believe once completed the improved exhibits will result in an increased understanding of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and the people who lived, fought, and died here. We want to thank the Guilford Battleground Company for their support. Without our friends and partners, this project would not have gone forward.”
“We are very pleased to have this opportunity to revitalize the Colonial Heritage Center,” said Ed Deaton, President of the Guilford Battleground Company. Deaton also wanted to thank the Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation which generously provided a grant in the amount of $200,000 to the Guilford Battleground Company which is being used for this project. The Foundation has been a longtime supporter of the Colonial Heritage Center and its mission of teaching how people lived in the 1780’s here in Piedmont North Carolina and their connection to the Battle. The upgrades will take advantage of new audio visual techniques to make the story more appealing to today’s youth.
The Guilford Battleground Company is the official friends’ group and fundraising partner of Guilford Courthouse NMP. Its primary mission is to promote and preserve the National Military Park as well as take every opportunity to teach the public about its significance. This upgrade of the Center will add to the public’s knowledge and understanding of what took place here on March 15, 1781.
In order to qualify for a Centennial Challenge Grant, projects needed to demonstrate that they provided for authorized activities that benefited one or more National Park System areas, contributed towards at least one of the Director’s Call to Action goals, required little or no additional recurring NPS operating or maintenance funds to be sustainable, did not include the construction of new facilities; and have partner(s) who were ready, willing, and able to contribute at least 50% of the project. Once submitted, projects that were highly evaluated included more than a 1:1 match, impacted multiple parks, included a contribution to Centennial goals, particularly youth engagement, and addressed high priority deferred maintenance needs.
The Centennial Challenge Grants are part of a multiyear effort to prepare for the 2016 Centennial of the National Park Service including the Find Your Park Campaign which connects a broader audience to public lands, and President Obama’s Every Kid in a Park initiative that will give every fourth grader and their families free access to national parks and all federal lands and waters for a full year, beginning this Fall.

Weather should be much improved for Sunday the 15th !

The 234th Anniversary Observance of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse fought on March 15, 1781 will be celebrated Saturday and Sunday, March 14 and 15, 2015. Activities and demonstrations will take place at the Guilford Battleground National Military Park and the Colonial Heritage Center.SONY DSC
Reenactments will be presented at Country Park each of the two days with several hundred reenactors participating.
Use this link for the schedule of week-end events.
This is a great opportunity to learn more about our nation’s struggle for independence, the significance of this particular battle and about colonial life in the 1700s. Come early and enjoy a full day of educational and enjoyable events.
Parking is available at the Colonial Heritage Center and in the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. The closest parking for the reenactments in Country Park is off of the entrance to Country Park from Pisgah Church Rd. At the north end of this entrance (Jaycee Park), vans will be available to transport those needing mobility assistance to the reenactment site.                                                                                                                                                               Use this link for a map of the area.


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