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November 7, 2011- December 19, 2011
8:30 am—5:00 pm

Guilford Battleground Company is proud to sponsor this traveling exhibit at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. This powerful exhibit gives you one more good reason to visit the Park this fall. Even though George Washington’s name and reputation are well known, there are many aspects of his greatness about which most people are unaware and myths surrounding Washington abound. This exhibition introduces you to the multidimensional, real-life man behind those myths. We believe you’ll be intrigued by what you see and that you will learn a lot from your visit to see this exhibit.

Many Faces of George Washington

This exhibition presents the many different facets of George Washington’s leadership through dazzling paintings, photographs, and iconic objects. The seven sections of the exhibition are: Against All Odds in Two Wars;
Realistic Visionary; Wise Decision-Maker; Impassioned Learner; Practical Scholar; Visionary Entrepreneur; and At Home at Mount Vernon. Each panel features quality reproduction images of portraits, land surveys, maps,
clothing and letters. It was produced by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association in conjunction with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

Robin Taylor: Guilford Fife and Drum Corps and GBC board member at exhibit

Historic artifacts related to George Washington and/or associated with the Colonial period will also be on display. They are being made available for viewing through the generosity of the Greensboro Historical Museum and several local citizens. Some of the artifacts which may be seen along with the George Washington exhibit include the following.

  • Pewter plate and cup used by George Washington while visiting Guilford County in 1791.
  • Pair of silver spurs owned by Washington.
  • Letter written by Washington during the Revolutionary War.
  • Certificate of service (conditional discharge) signed by Washington.
  • Several prints depicting Washington, Mount Vernon and the Washington family.
  • Ribbon commemorating the 1832 Centennial observance of Washington’s birth.
  • Collection of medals, buttons and ribbons depicting incidents of Washington’s life.
  • Statuettes, ceramic items, and glassware commemorating the Washington Bicentennial in 1932.
  • A grouping of items displaying the enormous popularity of our First President.


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For those of us who were not around when President George Washington made his first visit to Guilford Courthouse 231 years ago, Charles Rodenbough, a GBC Board member, historian, and author provides us with the background and setting for his visit.

President George Washington came to North Carolina in mid-April 1791 mid-way through his tour of the Southern states. The year before he had made a similar tour through the North. His two trips were calculated to take on the structure of a “royal progress” that might have been made by a British monarch in an earlier generation designed to display a King in the flesh. The concept of a President or a Constitution was new to everyone in the United States and Washington sought to portray himself as a personification. His very image set the tone for what a President should and would be, not in uniform or regal robes, but a citizen of character in common concern with the people. He had come South by way of a coastal route and now he was returning from Georgia through the Western portions of the states. He came to Martinville (Guilford Courthouse) specifically to look over the battlefield at Guilford Courthouse. Washington and General Nathanael Greene had a running disagreement on battle tactics. Greene, taking his lead from the success of General Daniel Morgan at Cowpens, had deployed his local Militia troops at Guilford in two lines in front of his Regulars. Washington in similar situations had preferred to place his regulars in a frontal battle line and use his militiamen to fill gaps or points of weakness. Beyond this desire to compare the strategy of his trusted General, Washington had a distinct ulterior motive in coming to Guilford County. He sought to take the pulse of the masses of subsistence farmers who had poured into the mountains and southern Piedmont and were almost uniformly suspicious of distant governments of any kind. Governor Alexander Martin could be for Washington his authority on the attitude of the Governor’s own constituency. The new money policies of Alexander Hamilton had become manifest in their world in the form of speculators in land and Continental securities who were swindling them of what they had earned for their service in the Revolution. Perhaps even more important were taxes which had been levied against the one thing they could convert in quantity in order to produce cash – whiskey. Washington had a right to be concerned because he was soon to face a Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania and a similar public protest in Massachusetts in Shay’s Rebellion. From Guilford, Washington moved on to Speedwell Iron Works in Rockingham County for breakfast and then back to Mount Vernon.

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Reenactor and Sutler/Craftsman registration forms for the 2012 reenactment of the battle are now available on the City of Greensboro Parks and Recreation website. The Guilford Battleground Company is an enthusiastic supporter of this activity and looks forward to the excellent presentation that the reenactors provide. We anticipate continued interest and good attendance at the forthcoming celebration of the 231st anniversary of the battle. The 2012 reenactments will be Saturday and Sunday, March 17 and 18 in the Greensboro Country Park.
Click here to access the forms webpage.

Reenactment Safety Regulations for City of Greensboro Reenactment Sites

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The quarterly newsletter of the Guilford Battleground Company.

Click on this link to read The Patriot – September 2011

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Veterans Day,  November 11, was originally called Armistice Day to observe the end of World War I in 1918, but today, November 11 is an annual national holiday expanded to honor those who have served in the armed forces of the United States.

It will be celebrated this year at the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park on Saturday, November 12th from 10:00am to 4:00 pm at visitor stop 8.

The “History of the American Soldier” is a living timeline of American military history. This program will give visitors an opportunity to learn about several periods of this nation’s military history from the early European settlement to the recent era. Visitors are urged to interact with the soldiers to learn about their uniforms, equipment, and weaponry, and the period that they represent. So bring the whole family out to the park to enjoy learning about your country’s proud history.

This is an outdoor program subject to weather conditions. 288.1776   Free to the public.

Click here to link to flyer


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Ann Snyder Bill Snyder Frank Mascia

At the October GBC Board meeting, Bill Snyder, longtime member of the Board, was honored upon his retirement for his years of  faithful and effective service. Bill served as vice-president of the Board for over a decade and was highly respected for his wise counsel and sound guidance. His great appreciation of the history of our country and his deep sense of patriotism were manifest in his service not only to the GBC but also with his long time leadership in the Sons of the American Revolution.  Bill was named an Honorary Board Member for Life and presented a cup in recognition of his efforts on behalf of the Board. The Board was privileged to have Ann Snyder, Bill’s wife, present on this occasion.

The citation in his honor reads as follows.


WHEREAS Bill Snyder has been a trusted board member and officer of the Guilford Battleground Company for many years,

And WHEREAS he has announced plans to retire after years of arduous service,

And WHEREAS Bill has been advocating and working for the protection of the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park far longer than most other board members have even been alive,

And WHEREAS some even question if he was here on that fateful March 15th, 1781,

And WHEREAS his sound counsel and rock steady judgment will be sorely missed in the future,

And WHEREAS his love for the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park and what it represents to our country and community will only deepen in the future as will as our esteem and affection for him,

Therefore be it resolved by the board of directors of the Guilford Battleground Company that Bill Snyder is hereby declared an Honorary Board Member for life of the Guilford Battleground Company,

And is due all the recognition, privileges, powers, and perks that such an esteemed position should enjoy.

Given In All Respect this 11 Aug 2011,

Frank Mascia, President
Guilford Battleground Company

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