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Community involvement and various volunteers are needed to aid historic National Parks in living history programs, events, manning the desk, and other tasks. As part of our community, and more importantly our history, National Parks such as the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park should be tended to, to keep our history alive and well for future generations. As a common good (i.e. can be enjoyed and utilized by the people in the community), Guilford is the responsibility of everyone in the community, especially of those who use the Park for recreation, education, and its other purposes. The Park must be able to serve as more than a recreational site for visitors, it must be able to convey the history of the place, of our War of Independence, and of the time period it depicts. Volunteers from the community are needed alongside the employees of the Park to bring this history alive through programs, living history trades, and many other efforts for the rest of the community.Blacksmithy Clean up Volunteers
That is exactly what a student from Salem College is hoping to head up at GCHNMP Hoskins Farm area for her organizing/advocacy service-learning project. Focusing on the blacksmith shop located there, she hopes to revitalize the shop with some simple fixes. The first task will be cleaning out leaves, debris, trash, dirt, critter nests, and some preliminary organization. The next steps involve assessing items, in terms of use and for the correct time period, to see what needs to be replaced and what needs to be removed. Organization of tools, metals, coal, and other items will happen as well. If modern-day items and tools are needed in the forge, they will be properly concealed from the public viewing, to offer the complete 18th century atmosphere. Other larger items in the shop will be updated to a better working state. Willing volunteers (ranging in preteens, teens, and adults) who are interested in the blacksmith trade are being rallied to help and also be informed of the importance of their involvement in their local National Park. These will be the tasks to finish out the semester. The hope is that the blacksmith shop will be ready to be used for volunteers to learn the trade of 18th century blacksmithing, but also as a future trade program for visitors at Guilford.

April 26th is the last day during the semester this project is being undertaken.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact:  kaleigh.workman@salem.edu


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