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Untitled_Panorama1 copy eThe dedication of the Crown Forces Monument on March 13, 2016 was a signal event and a significant day for the Guilford Battleground Company and the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

The monument is dedicated: “In memory of the men who fought and the units of the Crown Forces in which they served at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse March 15, 1781.”

Speakers at the event included Park Superintendent Doyle Sapp, GBC President Ed Deaton, author and historian Dr. Larry Babits, and Col. Nicholas Lock, Assistant Military Attaché, British Embassy, Washington, DC. Jay Callaham presided as Master of Ceremonies. The Guilford Courthouse Fife and Drum Corps provided period music, and an Honor Guard composed of reenactors  fired a three volley salute.

Mr. Jimmy Wiggins, owner of North State Monument, designed and erected the monument. The foundation was designed by S&ME.

Click to view the Building of a Monument photos.

Click to view the Dedication Ceremony photos.

Click to view the Dedication Ceremony video provided by South Carolina Educational TV.

Click to view the WFMY Channel 2 video of Jay Callaham presentation.

Click to view the Resolution  Recognizing Crown Forces Monument Day by the City of Greensboro and County of Guiford.

Panoramic photo courtesy Ed Wasserboehr. Dedication photos courtesy of Carol Deaton.


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Community involvement and various volunteers are needed to aid historic National Parks in living history programs, events, manning the desk, and other tasks. As part of our community, and more importantly our history, National Parks such as the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park should be tended to, to keep our history alive and well for future generations. As a common good (i.e. can be enjoyed and utilized by the people in the community), Guilford is the responsibility of everyone in the community, especially of those who use the Park for recreation, education, and its other purposes. The Park must be able to serve as more than a recreational site for visitors, it must be able to convey the history of the place, of our War of Independence, and of the time period it depicts. Volunteers from the community are needed alongside the employees of the Park to bring this history alive through programs, living history trades, and many other efforts for the rest of the community.Blacksmithy Clean up Volunteers
That is exactly what a student from Salem College is hoping to head up at GCHNMP Hoskins Farm area for her organizing/advocacy service-learning project. Focusing on the blacksmith shop located there, she hopes to revitalize the shop with some simple fixes. The first task will be cleaning out leaves, debris, trash, dirt, critter nests, and some preliminary organization. The next steps involve assessing items, in terms of use and for the correct time period, to see what needs to be replaced and what needs to be removed. Organization of tools, metals, coal, and other items will happen as well. If modern-day items and tools are needed in the forge, they will be properly concealed from the public viewing, to offer the complete 18th century atmosphere. Other larger items in the shop will be updated to a better working state. Willing volunteers (ranging in preteens, teens, and adults) who are interested in the blacksmith trade are being rallied to help and also be informed of the importance of their involvement in their local National Park. These will be the tasks to finish out the semester. The hope is that the blacksmith shop will be ready to be used for volunteers to learn the trade of 18th century blacksmithing, but also as a future trade program for visitors at Guilford.

April 26th is the last day during the semester this project is being undertaken.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact:  kaleigh.workman@salem.edu

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The 233rd Anniversary Observance  of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse fought on March 15, 1781 will be celebrated Saturday and Sunday, March 15 and 16. Click here for the full schedule of events and locations fot the two days of celebration..

This is a great opportunity to learn more about our nation’s struggle for independence, the significance of this particular battle  and about colonial life in the 1700s. Come early and enjoy a full day of  educational and enjoyable events.

Parking is available at the Colonial Heritage Center and in the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. The closest parking for the reenactments in Country Park is off of the entrance to Country Park from Pisgah Church Rd. At the north end of this entrance (Jaycee Park), vans will be available to transport those needing mobility assistance  to the reenactment site. Click here for a map of the parks and parking areas.

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Reenactment CrowdGreat crowds attended the events of the 231st Anniversary Observation of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. American TroopsMilitary and Civilian Life, Home and Farm Life, Small Arms Demonstrations, An Observance Program, Period Music and Dance, Guided Battlefield Walks, and the Reenactments were available for the thousands who came out to enjoy the activities. We appreciate the attendance and thank the over five hundred reenactors, camp followers craftsmen, musicians , and dancers who participated.British Troops

This link is to photos from the weekend.

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Reenactor and Sutler/Craftsman registration forms for the 2012 reenactment of the battle are now available on the City of Greensboro Parks and Recreation website. The Guilford Battleground Company is an enthusiastic supporter of this activity and looks forward to the excellent presentation that the reenactors provide. We anticipate continued interest and good attendance at the forthcoming celebration of the 231st anniversary of the battle. The 2012 reenactments will be Saturday and Sunday, March 17 and 18 in the Greensboro Country Park.
Click here to access the forms webpage.

Reenactment Safety Regulations for City of Greensboro Reenactment Sites

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On Saturday, June 11th, from 10 am to 3:00 pm Guilford Courthouse National Military Park will be hosting an Archaeology Family Day for the public. There will be presentations, activities for the whole family, and tours.  Visitors will get a chance to see the archaeological team and the many tools that are used every day in the field as well as learn of techniques and skills that need to be mastered in order to be a part of this fast-moving scientific field.  This is a great opportunity for kids and adults alike to see what the profession of archaeology is all about.

Since May 23, 2011, university students from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the National Park have been teamed together to uncover the courthouse used in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Throughout the past few weeks, the students have been using their skills learned in the classroom to better understand the field application of their knowledge. During the field school, students are collaborating and excavating within the park using ground penetrating radar, metal detectors, and traditional archeological techniques.

Drs.Linda and Roy Stine lead the team

Thanks to a generous cash donation from the Guilford Battleground Company that was matched by a Federal Partnership Grant, and the hard work of the University of North Carolina, the National Park Service is finally able to hold this level of excavation. “Guilford Courthouse, which stood at the eastern edge of the battlefield, is a lost treasure in the history of our nation” said Park Superintendent Charles Cranfield. The Courthouse is where Andrew Jackson practiced law before his presidency, President George Washington visited during his 1791 tour, and where the center of a small backwoods town (Guilford Courthouse)  existed before Greensboro became the county seat of Guilford County.

Further information and daily events will be posted through the group’s Facebook site:  Finding the Courthouse

The GBC is delighted to be able to provide financial assistance for this important endeavor. The site of the courthouse is shown on several maps drawn shortly after the battle, but its actual location has been debated by scholars for many years. We hope this search will be able to identify that site. We are grateful to the Patriot members of the GBC whose contributions have made this significant search possible.

High tech equipment such as the  ground penetrating radar is being used for the first time in the search for the courthouse, but the “on your hands and knees” digging in the hot sun, and sifting the soil for items are still a major part of the search. What is thought to be a brick chimney base, 18th century nails, pottery shards and teeth are among the items already unearthed.

See Triad News 14 video of the dig at the following link.    http://triad.news14.com/content/top_stories/641499/students-help-on-archaeological-dig-to-find-courthouse

Visit the team in action below. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

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Guided Battlefield Tour

Dates: 05/30/2011
Times: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Location: GCHNMP Visitor Center

Take advantage of a great opportunity to learn about what happened at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse on March 15, 1781. Considered by many to be the turning point in America’s fight for independence, learn why the Americans’ may have lost on the battlefield that day, but it was  a Pyrrhic victory for the British.
The one hour guided battlefield tour on Monday, May 30th will begin at the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park Visitor Center located at 2332 New Garden Road at 3:00 PM . Total distance of the tour will be approximately three miles. Please wear appropriate footwear and bring along water for your journey!

Battlefield tour at the GCHNMP

For more information call the park at: (336) 288.1776

Click on photo to enlarge.


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